Melanie May | Instagram vs Reality
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Instagram vs Reality

I’ve tried writing this blog a few times now but each time it just wasn’t coming out the way I intended. So here goes attempt 2439148. You may or may not have noticed that in the past few weeks I’ve been particularly quiet on social media (don’t worry I won’t be offended if you haven’t). In all honesty, I just haven’t been in a sharing mood. Between Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, my blog and the internet in general I just found it all too hard to keep up.


For most people, social media is a highlight reel and each post has been carefully selected, edited and curated from possibly hundreds of others just like it. For myself, I’ve always tried to keep my posts authentic and positive, however it hasn’t always reflected what is actually happening in real life in that moment. I could post a selfie that I’m looking super cute in with a caption that took me way too long to write but in reality it’s 11.30am and I’ve just gotten out of bed and intend to binge watch Netflix in my pyjama’s all day. The selfie was a real moment but was just a drop in the ocean that is life and not a reflection of my 24/7 reality.


Fashion designer Anine Bing recently posted a selfie with a message on the back of her phone case saying “Social media seriously harms your mental health”, and as soon as I saw this I thought – yes! Finally, someone who managed to put my recent thoughts and feelings into words. It wasn’t that I was struggling with my mental health, it was that I was constantly comparing myself to others with what they had, how they looked and what they were doing and I became rather ungrateful for the incredible things that were already in front of me and so I decided it was time to unplug and realign my focus.


I’m not saying that social media is bad, I’m just saying that as with everything in life moderation is key. So as you scroll through the beautiful images on Instagram, just remember that real life isn’t just on a screen but in your heart. It’s your Monday to Friday as well as the weekends and occasional holiday. Your family and your surroundings. The pictures on the internet can make you feel like you’re not enough, that you need to be more physically attractive or do more or have more things and if/when this happens it’s not a bad idea to unplug or unfollow accounts to shift your focus because you are beautiful. You are real. YOU are enough!

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