Melanie May | About
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Welcome to my blog! was born in 2016 after an inspiring trip to America urging me to do something more with my dreams and so this is my creative outlet where I get to share my passions with you.


I adore all things fashion, beauty and travel related and love sharing my latest obsessions in a digital format. Even though I am a Finance Manager by day I love being immersed in the dynamic and creative world of blogging – it also acts as a convenient cover for my shopping addiction (don’t tell my mum).


My personal style reflects my personality, body shape and generally how I feel. It isn’t defined by a certain look or colour and changes as often as I change my mind – but hey, it’s a girl’s prerogative!


I don’t believe in defining ourselves by the labels we wear, I am an advocate of feeling and looking your best on any budget. I like to combine high-end designer labels with affordable pieces to create a whole look.


I like to keep things real – perfection is boring and flaws are so much more interesting!


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find a little piece of inspiration 🙂